Riyadh Season

Opportunity to own your special assets

Own it exclusively and benefit from the various perks which allow you to enter Riyadh Season zones (Boulevard world, Boulevard City) ANY TIME till the end of Riyadh Season 2022.

In addition to fast track access to Boulevard World and experiences, including the cable car experiance between (Boulevard world, Boulevard City).

Do not forget to join the Riyadh Season community at http://app.hmns.xyz .

* The following information is required to issue the access badge: a personal photo, Government ID and date of birth


What are the advantages of the ACCESS card?

  1. Entering Riyadh Season Zones (Boulevard Riyadh City, Boulevard world)
  2. Fast track bracelets to Boulevard World
  3. Allow you to enter Riyadh Season zones till the end of the Season
  4. Join Riyadh Season community at http://app.hmns.xyz.
  5. Access to cable car that connects Boulevard World and Boulevard City

* Access Card will be handed over to each Riyadh Season NFT owner

Does the card include the benefit of attending Concerts ?

The ACCESS card gives you the privilege of entering the two areas (Riyadh City Boulevard and Boulevard World), along with other features, and does not include attending parties.

Does the card include the entry of an additional person with the cardholder?

It does not include the benefit of having someone to enter with you, and the card is yours to own.

How many times do they enter the regions? Is it open all season?

Yes, the ACCESS card gives you the advantage of unlimited access to the two regions (Riyadh City Boulevard and Boulevard World) until the end of the 2022 Riyadh season.

Does the card include the parking service?

No, the card only benefits from it to enter the two regions, and the features within the two regions.

Is the card registered in the name of a specific person, or can it be used by more than one person?

The ACCESS card is registered in the name and identity of the person. The issuance of the access card requires a personal photo and the identity card.

Where can I buy NFT Riyadh Season for the ACCESS card?

You can purchase an Access Card by entering the website https://app.hmns.xyz/ directly, or by visiting the official website of the Riyadh Season 2022 https://riyadhseason.sa/nft.html and completing the rest of the steps.

How can I receive my card after purchasing it from the site?

After purchasing, you will receive an email for the card receiving mechanism, and you can receive the card from the following address:

The main center of the Riyadh Season Media Center in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the Digital City.

How do I contact your support team?

If you face any problem in accessing the card collection site, contact us at: 0533053602, or write to us at the following e-mail: [email protected]

What are the required image specifications?

Ensure that the image follows the following criteria:

  • Plain white background (no filter)
  • Not smiling
  • Not wearing glasses
  • frontal photo