Riyadh Season Parade

Feel the ultimate thrill with marvelous shows, fireworks, and parade floats performed by International performers. An astonishing experience is awaiting you in Riyadh Season Parade. Get your seats and enjoy the stadium view.

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Instead of traveling the world, We brought the world to you in one place..

Riyadh Season Zones

Boulevard Riyadh City

"Boulevard Riyadh city is one of the biggest zones in the season. Triple in size this year, each of the sub-areas features its own set of activities, restaurants, events, and outlets that are catered to all visitors

Via Riyadh

Via Riyadh presents an ultra-luxurious experience with VIP cinemas, exquisite fine-dining cuisines, world-renowned retail stores, and a luxury hotel. The zone’s architectural identity reflects Riyadh city.

Combat Field

You’ll buzz with energy for weeks! Live action games gone real! Paintball, battlefields, escape rooms, firearm stores, galleries of old-time guns, and events held his combat field for the first time ever.

Winter Wonderland

"This year's Winter Wonderland is spectacular to fulfill our promise to ""Imagine More."" 52 rides, 6 subzones, and more attractions for all ages to double the fun and provide you with a full entertainment experience!"

Riyadh Front

Riyadh Front defies your sense of time! Spend hours jumping between exhibitions, events, and games that will curb your boredom.


Fine arts, sparkling eyes. Fine dining and happy crowds. The experience that you’ll be living at AlMurabba, the luxurious spot.

Riyadh Safari

Riyadh Safari's back and strong theis Season! unforgettable experiences, with incridble animals that have never visited The Kingdom ever before!! Along size a wide range of activites and fun games.

AL Atheriyah

"Head in this chilling weather to what’s out in the open, is where you'd be experiencing luxurious and exclusive fine dining experiences, heritage retail shopping, and music performances. "

Riyadh Oasis

Far away from the city's light, on golden sand, Oasis is located. Not only will you discover unique experiences and fine places, but you're also here to stay, making the distance you traveled worth it.

The Groves

The groves is designed for you. Puppy friendly, trendy, and incredibly lively. One day is never enough to discover the fun of every corner, every time you're there won't be the same.

Nabd alRiyadh

A city with a beating heart; Nabad Al Riyadh is a zone full of activities that celebrate our heritage and traditions

Qariat Zaman

"A traditional village combining the beauty of heritage and traditions with today's modern life. Here, you can hang out in traditional style and enjoy shows and live music that takes you back in time. "

AlSalam Tree

"Salam Tree will delight the entire family by the various luxurious and plentiful activities, from restaurants, fountain shows to an exciting artificial flower garde. A place where peace surround you with ease."


"Experience AlRiddiyah poetry at Khalooha, where traditional events, with pure art, aromas of Coffee, Hail, and Bukhoor are around every corner. Enjoy a variety of famous poets every night!"

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